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21 Mixed Media Art Lessons

21 SECRETS Face Time comes out April 1st — pre-order yours now and immediately receive Connie Solera’s Emerging Faces lesson.


There is nothing more gripping than to see another human face in a piece of art. Add a slight turn of the mouth, tilt of the eyes, or soft slant of the face to one side. Artists can express deep emotions and craft a powerful message through very little effort.

So it only makes sense that as artists, we often look to the creation of a face to speak for us, what we are feeling and long to have “heard” by another.

21 SECRETS Face Time features twenty-one art instructors who have unlocked the mysteries behind creating beautifully-expressive faces. You will learn traditional basics alongside sometimes-unorthodox mixed-media techniques for completing faces, even if you’ve been intimidated by drawing a face in the past.

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