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Frequently asked questions

How long are your workshops?

Most workshops are between 3-7 hours. Most projects are completed in one sitting with the exception of out of town workshops when we will work on several pieces at a time. Out of town workshops usually last 3-5 days depending upon the needs of the group. Interesting in hosting a workshop in your area? Just email me and we can come up with a plan! My suitcase is ready.

What if I can't make it to your studio in Aiken?

I am always open to traveling to teach. If you and a group of 5 or more artists would like to host a workshop, contact me and we can arrange for me to come to your location. Due to travel expense (covered by the hosting group), out of town workshops generally last a minimum of 3 days, and occassionally up to 5 days. These are intensive workshops to insure that everyone gets the most out of the event as possible. We can work on speicific projects or experiment with product and technique. The scope of the workhsop is up to you.

Do you provide supplies?

Yes, and No. I always have product with me in case you've forgotten something. Longer workshops usually come with a supply list for you to bring with you. However, I will bring samples of new items for you to try and to experiment. Shorter workshops often include supply basics but may come with suggestions of items to bring along such as fabric scraps, collage papers, etc.

Do I need these specific paint colors you've listed on the supply list?

As a GOLDEN Artist Educator, I will always suggest a list of GOLDEN paint colors that are proven to give great results. This does not mean that you must bring those colors or those exact paints for that matter. Sometimes it just comes down to personal preference.

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