Partie de Poule
Sep 08, 12:00 PM – Sep 15, 4:00 PM
La Cascade,
27 Rue des Martineurs, 81540 Durfort, France

The Deets

$500 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot

Can you think of a better way to wind down summer than to spend a week making art and hanging with likeminded creative souls in a charming French village?


Your residence for the week is La Cascade, a restored 17th century house situated in the tiny medieval village of Durfort. Your backyard is a lovely river with a cascading waterfall that welcomes you all day. The Village was home to a copper making industry and copper treasures can still be purchased in the shops. 

Our first order of business will be to visit a local market for some sketching and inspiration and then, the sky’s the limit. I will guide you thru your own individual creative endeavors with a focus towards charming farm animals and market still life. We will also be using texture techniques and faux copper to create a frame for one of your paintings. You will go home with two finished artworks plus a frame at the end of your stay. 

La Cascade is the perfect venue to indulge your creative spirit and explore artistic expression in the large sky-lit studio under the eaves. Spend your mornings in the studio getting creative. Afternoons will be spent visiting the surrounding area. Once back at La Cascade, we relax in community at table, enjoying local fare prepared by our private chef, Nese Pelt. And of course, wine under the stars on the flagstone patio while we reflect upon the day and look forward to tomorrow’s adventure.  And if you need more studio time before bed? Of course!


Won’t you join us?

The workshop will include:

  • Seven Nights lodging at La Cascade in Durfort, France, You will share a room with one other person. 

  • All breakfasts, most lunches and dinners prepared by our own chef, Nese Pelt. Nese sources produce, meat, eggs, cheeses etc. from the local farms and neighbors. Her meals are delicious and healthy. Dinners include wine Nese pares with the foods and these are usually from the region.

  • Excursions to explore nearby villages, museums and historical sites.

  • Workshop instruction.

  • All supplies for making one 16x16 mixed media painting and one 12x12 framed painting. 

  • A few surprises from me, your host

  • Tuition is $2200.00 US dollars. A deposit of $500.00 is needed upon enrollment. Remainder is due by June 8, 2020.

  • Students will be responsible for their own transportation to Durfort, France. The nearest airport is in Toulouse about an hour from La Cascade. 

See you there!!


Please review before purchase of your ticket on the link provided above.



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