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me and my dad, eons ago

I've got to admit it. It's late in the afternoon on Sunday, Father's Day. I've got nothing clever to say, to share, to write. I should have written this last week, or even the week before along with about 5 other blog posts, stuck them in a queue, scheduled them out week by week to go out to all of you lovely people. Alas. There's been a dearth in this brain. Well not exactly a complete absence since work has been going well and I'm still writing the content for the online course, but nothing there worth writing about in the blog. Is anyone else suffering from lack of outside mental stimulation? Is this really the new normal? sigh

the next BIG thing

How many of you create work regularly with other artists? It can be immensely satisfying when everyone puts aside their individual egos for the good of the whole. Often it pushes one to adapt and work differently than perhaps their norm. This is where new ideas can spring up and lead us somewhere we hadn't yet considered. I, for one, am a HUGE fan of collaborations.

the boy and his mum, about 3 years ago

My son is a painter and illustrator in Minneapolis, and he and his dear old mum are finally teaming up for a collab of sorts. He's got a great use of line and his work always inspires me to be looser in my own. We've worked side by side before and have spent countless hours dreaming up the next big thing and leaving braindrops everywhere, but we've never actually collaborated on an actual piece of artwork together.

Until now.

Back when I was working on a series of miniature chicken paintings, I had an idea to turn them into political figures. I'd seen some of my son's sketches, fell in love with them and asked him to work up several key figures from the current admin.

I am turning them into chickens. Because, well, because.

It's about as close to making a political statement in my artwork as I'm ever going to get. I usually don't tread this close to current events, except maybe a couple of pieces I did of figures wearing protective face coverings. After several weeks his portraits arrived in the mail and I was so excited. It took several more weeks for me to get to a place mentally where I thought I could do them justice.

Here's the basic layout of the piece. I'm working over top of an old landscapey piece I did after my first residency in Ireland. Those silk screened flowers are from 12 years ago when I was teaching high school art. I cleaned out an old portfolio last week and found oodles of great stuff. You may have noticed the same flower in the piece I shared last week, also still under construction. (I tend to keep several things going at once. One of these weeks you're going to open up your email to see dozens of finished paintings.)

A close up of Roger Stone. Of course all of this excess paper will get edited down and things will be brought more into focus. But check out the jowls on McConnell in the photo above !


(insert crying laughing emoji here.)

Thinking this black and white scraffito look should go somewhere on the painting because the edgy quality of it suits the sinister undercurrent even though it's a bunch of chickens. Haven't decided if this will be a part of the actual painting or the frame going around the outside. I've got some ideas but keeping those to myself for now.

So that's it dearhearts. Just another week at the office so to speak. I hope that you are keeping busy and keeping safe and healthy. I'm going to keep pushing forward.

~staci xo


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