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This falls somewhere between a BrainDrop and a Next Big Thing--how about a little step by step editing today?



Here's a little something I was working on with the idea to elevate the mundane (the idea of a crochet granny square) to the important and surround it with a story frame. Very folksy. Design-wise I went back and revisited the figures from a previous frame on a piece called in a nomads tent. (see it here.) While I liked the idea of this painting at this point as well as the color story I didn't care for the balance. Or shall we say, lack of balance. The figures are way too heavy across the top and bottom while the sides are too light.

I thought maybe adding flowers on either side of the house motif would be a good place to start. But because I paint in so many layers, it's a nightmare to go in and really start adding new elements and get them to look integrated. I needed to be really sure about my choices before going there or risk ruining everything. First I tried drawing flowers using a grease pencil but they didn't really show up so I used the editing app on my phone and drew them in digitally. Close. But not quite right.

And then a BrainDrop of epic proportions. Maybe there didn't need to be men and women figures. Maaaayybeeee it was all feminine energy that was needed. I follow quite a few male textile makers and needle-workers online, heck, even my husband used to know how to make a basic crochet stitch taught to him by his grandmother when he was a little boy, but perhaps what this frame really wanted was fewer design elements repeated more frequently. Feminine design elements at that. So I tried changing the men into houses. I'm sure there's some weird metaphor in there somewhere. Regardless, this was the answer.

I had to build up the layers going back and repeating from the first red underpainting layer or otherwise the line work would look like it was sitting up on top of the painting rather than nestled down in there as an integral part. Not thinking, I grabbed a black Aquarelle crayon and drew in my new shapes. When I went to paint on my first layer of red (going back to the very first layer of where this frame started) it picked up the black from the water soluble crayon. Luckily I caught it before I did the houses and didn't bother to actually draw those in. I just went straight for it using red paint. Sometimes a girl's just gotta have a little confidence. I mean, they're houses drawn like a 5 year old for goodness sake.

Then over the red with a little darkest dark. Not sure which one I used here. Could be anything. Now it's time to work in the lines by painting up to them from the outside in with all of those yellows and creams.

Here's where I ended up. The balance is much better now and it's easier to look at with fewer design elements. I may or may not tweak the colors on the frame. I think this piece is about 18x18 finished to give you an idea of size. It would be cool as beans to blow it up to something crazy like 48x48 in this exact scale and really make it into something modern that way.

Maybe next month:~)

The Next BIG Thing

Below is a little gallery of the next big thing currently on the easel. It's quite large at 36x48. There are 3 pieces in the works of this little mini series and I'm super jazzed about how they are coming along. Still very much a #wip. (work in progress for the new to instagram crowd.) I wish I could capture the colors of the frame because they are gorgeous even if I do say so myself. There was a little nudge of chromium oxide green added at the last minute that made me swoon. It's the thin line that looks like army green. The computer nor phone screen does it justice in the context of this piece overall. The next steps with this particular painting are to frame out behind the panel and then attach the canvas (stripped from it's previous stretchers) to the panel using upholstery nails with a French copper finish. If I forget to post a photo of it in a few weeks once it's finished someone remind me.

Ok then. Thanks for sharing your monday cuppa with me and helping me kick off another week. Try to stay out of trouble ya'll. ~staci xoxo


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