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some Good News for a change!

Good morning!


For the first time since mid-February I feel like things are moving in the right direction. After months of frustration and disappointments good news is finally finding it's way back to my doorstep. If this keeps up I may even relax a little. Nah. Who am I kidding. I mean--I try. I really do! But this whole relaxing the mind thing escapes me. A medical professional suggested I should be doing yoga twice a day. So far I'm getting in about 10 minutes in my new hammock and trying to not think, just concentrating on the leaves and sky. It's a start.

The Next Big Thing

Let's see. Been working on my computer sitting on my arse updating the online shop with original artwork. The online shop is looking great. The arse not so much. (Did I mention the yoga suggestion? sigh)

Since you all are so kind, I have set up a coupon code for original art. Use "blog10" for a 10% discount on original art online. Domestic shipping is already included so double YAY! I'll keep the discount active until mid June so you have time to consider which piece will bring you the most joy. #noartnosmile

Another Big Thing.

Set up a little shop on Redbubble. For years people asked me to offer pillows and other home furnishings but I could never come up with the right "tone" shall we say. After much fiddling and experimenting I think I've landed on something that feels authentically me but doesn't take away from the spirit of my original artwork. Yes there will be a few well chosen reproductions of artwork on pillows but for the most part I returned to textile design and am now offering several options. I'll be adding to the collections as time permits. These items are meant to be affordable and accessible. I've ordered several pillows to test and I'll share with you my findings when they get here. Other artist friends tell me that the quality is really nice for the price. I particularly like the idea of the polyester fabric on the pillows for use on my screen porch. I'll keep you posted.

Not gonna lie, navigating the Redbubble site is a little odd at first. As I figure out their particulars I'll keep you updated. For now, simply pick a pattern you like and the look to see what items are available with that pattern. You may need to follow the link to find all of the products in that pattern. Like I said. It's a little fiddly. I did however create a special grouping of pillows that are reproductions of paintings so those are easier to find.

In the future I'd like to add silk scarves to my website and possibly a cotton pillow option. However, those items will come from different sources and I would need to manually manage those orders rather than have you order items directly online. While I love the idea of these luxury items, I can see room for error if I don't key in an order correctly and I don't need that stress. When I figure out how to streamline that process you dear reader will be the first to know!

No other real news or braindrops for today. I'm working on a free tutorial to share with you next week. Here's a sneak peak at what to expect:~) I hope you are adjusting to the new World Order 2.0. Personally I'm embracing this time as a period of evaluating where things need improvement and acting on it. And for the first time in several weeks I'm hopeful.

xo staci


PS If you are owed money from a cancellation please know that I am still waiting on my loan from the CARES Act and funds from other sources. It seems no matter how much I stress about it I simply can not get the wheels of commerce during a pandemic to move more quickly. Thank you for your continued patience. Truly. Everyone has been so kind and I am touched deeply. <3


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