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Staying busy at home, one knit stitch at a time.

Guest post by Knitting instructor and Swider BFF extraordinaire Jenni Wright, aka The Knit Sherpa.

Oh yes my friends! I am, in fact, knitting a cardigan with some of the craziest materials I have ever used. Under normal circumstances I might never even consider this project. But, alas, circumstances currently do not fall under the title of normal. There is a chance it could be finished by the end of the week and that’s crazy because I started it yesterday at 1:00pm. Enter the Pixillated Cardigan by Knit Collage. The yarns are as follows: MC is an warm Greige , thick and thin, metallic strand that, when wound by hand, the skein becomes a ball of fluff the size of a 6 month old maltese puppy. CC is torn strips  of cotton fabric. The floral pattern is a birthday cake mixture of orange, yellow, purple, green and white on an intensely PINK background. I can only surmise that my mind was taken over by my 10 year old granddaughter’s bedroom palette. The needles ? US 17.  plus an equally large crochet hook and DPNs for the finer points. This thing will either end up as a fun garment for chilly summer evenings, OR a cautionary tale that will be hung on the wall of the Lower Level Knitting Lounge. We will let it serve as persistent,  reminder of what can happen to reason during pandemic quarantine.

Also freshly off of the needles, 17 completed cotton Ballband dishrags. I knit one or two of those a week.

I am also closing in on finishing the miter cross blanket. Yay! I have one more of these to do as Christmas gifts.

Frank. Master of All.

There is no shortage of yard work. The three of us spend time picking up what the wind lays down.


Even though it’s still too early to plant outdoors, we have been enjoying fresh salad greens from the aerogarden on the kitchen counter. My son has started lots of seeds in peat pots downstairs in the utility room. We have a set-up of shelving and grow lights and are propagating sunflowers, hollyhocks, kale, radishes, and quite a variety of peppers. Frank supervises the daily care and watering of the seedlings. Apparently, he is a master indoor gardener. Who Knew?

I’m also anxious to clear the winter detritus from the screen porch in hopes of gathering to knit there SOONER, rather than later. I miss gathering with friends more than you can know. I truly hope all of you are thriving. I hope all of us are taking the very best care of our precious selves. I HOPE. Jennie

Thanks for all of the knitting inspiration, Jen! (A green dishrag would look great in my new kitchen, just sayin.)

For everyone else, in case you've got some spare yarn looking for a project, I added links to the knitting patterns mentioned above.

You can find Jennie on IG @knitsherpa

catch you guys soon! staci


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