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Haven't added one of these in a while!

Last week I found myself painting what will become collage paper. As with all that is usual and unusual around here I posted a photo of the piece in progress and you guys went nuts. (Seriously, I should get this reaction to my finished paintings. LOL) But it got me thinking and I decided to create a small selection of silk scarves from this design. There are 3 colors available. Left to right they are Aqua, Coral, Mulberry. They are 100% silk georgette, 1.47oz so not too heavy, not too light, with a soft textured hand, 45"x45".

I'm working on integrating the online manufacturer into my website but it's quite fiddley. So rather than keep you in suspense for the foreseeable future, I'm sharing a direct link for you to purchase thru the printing company.

Simply visit and you can have them shipped directly to your home.

Meanwhile, I've got my paints out and will keep working to bring you beautiful things to make you smile. Because everyone knows #noartnosmile.

xoxo ~staci


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